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Dust Collector

Professional Engineering Group is managed by qualified engineers who have a long standing experience in Dust Collection system.

With the world wide drive for reducing environmental pollution gaining more & more importance, the presence of particulate matter in the air will also have to be mitigated. This is where the dust collection has to play a substantial role in the manufacturing sector all around the world. Once you select a suitable Dust collection system from the range offered by Professional Engineering Group, your own battle in the war against environmental dust pollution is won.

We are, instructively, quality conscious people and there is a constant vigil at all levels of our production stages towards turning out high quality products. The processes also entail a Quality Audit under ISO 9001:2008 & CE Certified. Professional Group offers a large variety of vacuum based products to suit dust collection needs of a wide spectrum of industries mentioned, hereunder, and many more. We can, also, under take manufacture of customised products.


In general, any industry that generates dust should think of installing Dust Collection Systems to address. The problem and work towards providing clean environment.

Professional Group carriers out a detailed analysis and study before recommending a Dust collector or Dust collection system with maximum CFM rating and low noise level on receipt of enquires from customers. We guarantee a collection of 95 to 98% dust that is generated during the manufacturing processes and a minimal break down time (about 2%) of our system.

Professional Group believes in being, always, at your service, through thick and thin.